Padding of salons of helicopters, airplanes, yachts and boats

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Padding of salons of helicopters, airplanes, yachts and boats. Depending on the condition of the furniture, upholstery and filler, as well as the wishes of the client, Aircraft tuning specialists determine the following types of work on the hauling of the ship's furniture: Full or partial replacement of the upholstery, it is possible to use various texture and color combinations from the presented materials - leather, fabric, finishing elements, etc. Replacement of the filler - "insides" of upholstered furniture: polyurethane foam, batting, felt, coconut fiber, durafil, holofiber, spring blocks, elastic belts, slats, etc. Changing the shape and volume of soft parts when upholstering and hauling sofas, armchairs, seats and other furniture. Repair, replacement or restoration of the frame and transformation mechanisms, legs, handles and other accessories. Sewing awnings, covers and pillows are removable solutions for your comfort and protection of the ship's interior. The time of order execution and its cost are determined based on the nature of the damage, the materials selected and the amount of work. Aircraft tuning specialists can repair and replace the upholstery: Upholstered furniture - sofas, beds, armchairs, armchairs-barrels, chairs, poufs, soft headboards, etc. Sun loungers, sun loungers. Interior - wall and ceiling panels. Separate items - cushions, cushions, removable seats, etc. Materials used in the repair of salons. Genuine high-quality leather of various breeds of animals, specially treated. Eco-leather is a material made from a mixture of cotton and polyurethane, durable, water-repellent, breathable. Chenille, velor, micro velor. Jacquard, tapestry. Flock, microfiber. Specialized high-tech fabrics for use on open decks - acrylic SUNBRELLA, CORDURA and other abrasion, fading, mildew resistant materials. Each material is presented in its own color scheme. For woven materials, a wide choice of designs and patterns is possible: monochromatic, stripes, geometry, abstraction, floral patterns, textured interweaving of threads, matting, classic, monograms, etc. Decorative solutions - carriage ties, stitching, decorative buttons inlaid with rhinestones, covered with leather, etc. Polyurethane foam, batting, felt, coconut fiber, durafil, holofiber, spring blocks, elastic belts, slats, etc. Joiner's and sewing tools, furniture staplers, etc. The process of tightening and replacing the upholstery of furniture, chairs and seats. Determination of the required scope of work - from replacing the upholstery, filler to partial or complete restoration with the replacement of fittings, repair of individual elements - legs, handles, moldings, etc. The client's choice of colors and materials for upholstery, decorative elements, etc., furniture is delivered to the workshop (if work is not done on site) free of charge. If necessary, the furniture is partially disassembled, the old upholstery is removed and unpicked at the seams with drawing up a pattern and assembly diagram for future covers. Repair and restoration of furniture is performed if necessary. New patterns are cut out, individual parts are sewn together and installed on the furniture, if necessary, the filler is replaced. The fitting and adjustment of the upholstery covers to the exact dimensions is carried out in order to make the furniture look like new. New covers are fixed with furniture fittings. Furniture returns to the interior of the ship. Aircraft tuning specialists have extensive experience in replacing, updating the upholstery and fillers of yacht furniture, we have our own sewing and carpentry shop at our disposal to perform all the necessary work. Contact us and we will offer you a wide range of materials, colors and textures to update your ship's furniture.
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