Coloring of the fuselage and elements

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2 years ago

Coloring of the fuselage and elements. To preserve the pristine state of the aircraft, we carry out high-quality painting of the fuselage elements, including spot colors. At a highly professional level, the selection of paint, color and restoration of the color of the aircraft is carried out with the possibility of applying styling. We carry out painting of air equipment and elements of aviation equipment. We land on the airfield and perform all the manipulations for all types of work.
The production capacity of our company for the repair and painting of aircraft:
Total area 550 m2;
Painting drying chamber NOVA, VERTA - 3 pcs;
5 preparation zones transformable into one, 25 m long and 6 m wide, 3.5 m high;
Preparation zones with full filtration and air heating up to 45 degrees.
Coloring workshop for color matching;
Painting parts of the fuselage;
Spot tinting;
Restoration of ski color;
Aircraft blades tint;
We also offer for you Restoration and protection of airplane glazing

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