Aircraft cabin sewing

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Aircraft cabin sewing. Tailoring of aircraft cabins is performed, as a rule, if the old skin has worn out and lost its presentable appearance, or if you want to update and personalize the interior of your aircraft. If you are satisfied with the original lining of the aircraft cabin, but you want to eliminate minor defects from it that spoil the overall appearance, the best solution is to repair the aircraft cabin. The restoration of the aircraft cabin makes it possible to remove imperfections without traces: burn-throughs, scratches, scuffs and tears on the skin made of plastic, leather or fabric. Tailoring of the aircraft cabin from leather and related materials, complete replacement. Individuality, style, aesthetics and beauty will not leave indifferent any client. Manufacturing of an aircraft cabin of any complexity and for any aircraft class from standard cabins to "prestige" and "premium" levels. Production and replacement of aircraft floor coverings, door skins, ceilings, tunnels, rear walls, etc. Production, restoration of geometry and replacement of aircraft seat covers. Increase of lateral supports and lumbar area of ​​aircraft seats. Manufacture and replacement of aircraft mats. Padding of aircraft cabin elements. Restoration of aircraft cabin elements. Aircraft cabin protection. Individual aircraft design projects, aircraft interior branding.
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Aircraft tuning also offers Coloring of the fuselage and elements and Restoration and protection of airplane glazing.

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