Import to Belarus via Poland

10 months ago

Import to Belarus via Poland.

Imports to Belarus via Poland instead of Lithuanian and Latvian warehouses are becoming more and more relevant.

This route is becoming more interesting in light of recent developments in the imposition of various trade sanctions and the escalation of general political hysteria.
Imports to Belarus (this country is a member of the customs union) through Poland will be the most profitable and useful, as a number of EU countries (Lithuania and Latvia in particular) will not be able to easily and cloudlessly deliver goods and goods directly to Belarus through checkpoints at the state border.

There is evidence from independent sources that Belarus has recently tightened its requirements for Lithuanian hauliers. However, the president of the Lithuanian National Road Transport Association, Linava, says the situation has stabilized. But, despite this, part of the cargo flow carriers are trying to direct across the Latvian-Russian border, bypassing Belarus.

The history of the trade and transport conflict is connected with the elections in Belarus and the non-recognition of their results by the international community.

In response to external pressure, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has suggested that the government redirect all trade flows from Lithuania to other routes, he said after Vilnius threatened Minsk with sanctions if it refused to accept a plan to resolve the protests peacefully.

A similar rhetoric is addressed to Latvia - the threat of redirecting trade flows.

Politicians are very far from reality, which is why the Minister of Communications of Latvia Talis Linkites said that the risks of losing Belarusian cargo will not change the position of Riga in relation to the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus mainly supplies potash fertilizers through the ports of Lithuania and Latvia, which accounts for more than 50 percent of exports. There are also deliveries of products of mechanical engineering, agriculture, food industry.

And what to do to all of us, participants of supply chains: forwarders, the logistician, carriers, storekeepers and cargo owners ??? There is a simple solution - delivery of goods to Belarus via Poland, now this service will be most in demand in the field of transportation of goods and products.

According to our forecasts, the transportation of goods to Belarus via Poland will only increase its turnover due to the fact that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will no longer be able to import their goods directly "smoothly" across the border, so stakeholders will look for alternative ways to deliver. Transit through Poland to Belarus is a solution that can simplify the delivery of any type of cargo, whether it is food or building materials, electronics, cosmetics, car parts, flower products, valuable goods or anything else.

The "Transit through Poland to Belarus" service seems to be in high demand, as evidenced by the influx of inquiries on this topic from various companies from Lithuania and Latvia.

So no need to worry, we need to work! Let's leave the "deep concern" for politicians.

Think of a safe way for your product, in other words - think about the future and you will not go wrong!
It is possible that the use of a shipper from Poland will cross the tension when the goods cross the border, why tease geese and trade with Belarus from a Lithuanian or Latvian company?

Lithuanian carriers are worried: will Belarus limit the transit of goods ???

Consultation on the organization of transit to Belarus through Poland can be found on our website

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